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Lymph Motion’s vision is to assist people to manage their oedema or lymphoedema with evidence based information and treatment methods.

At Lymph Motion we use a holistic, client focused and professional approach to assist our clients to manage their oedema or lymphoedema.This service is professionally offered and delivered with a client centred approach, empathy and efficiency; listening to the health needs of each client. With the client’s permission, Lymph Motion will consult with their GP and other health care professionals, to obtain clarification of their medical history and to confirm working towards the same health goals.

Kim Lauren is an Occupational Therapist and a lymphoedema therapist.  Kim is Vodder School trained in manual lymph drainage (MLD) and combined decongestive therapy (CDT).  The Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) recognise completion of these studies, registering Kim on the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register (NLPR).  The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) also recognise registration on the NLPR, enabling eligible clients to access Lymph Motion's lymphoedema services, with a referral from their GP.



Private health rebates (available under certain circumstances)
Medicare rebates



Lymphoedema Management




Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The gentle, rhythmical technique of Vodder trained MLD, is effective to treat and assist conditions such as bursitis, sprains, burns, sinusitis, acne and CRPS.  In addition: -

Pre and post surgery including cancer, cosmetic and scar treatment.  
Circulatory problems including venous ulcers and swollen limbs.

There are some contraindications to receive MLD and these include; congestive heart failure (CHF), high blood pressure, DVT, pregnant (first trimester), cellulitis and taking antibiotics for an infection.  If you are unsure if you able to receive MLD, please contact Lymph Motion or consult with your GP.

Bandaging & Compression

Bandaging and garments are essential to effectively manage different stages of lymphoedema.  The type recommended for each client will vary and may change over the course of time.  Unfortunately, in Western Australia, there is limited funding available for bandaging and garments meaning they are an out of pocket expense.  

Each of these treatment modalities have strong evidence as to their effectiveness.  Each client may be recommended to have one or all. The overall aim of Lymph Motion is to improve each client’s comfort and quality of life with client centred, targeted and sequenced treatment.  


Low Level Laser Therapy

Lymph Motion uses the LTU-904 laser, if required, as part of the treatment process.  This low level laser, which does not emit any heat, penetrates deeply into the tissue.  For those with lymphoedema, the laser is effective to soften fibrotic tissue, reduce the volume of an affected area (over time) and improve the skin’s texture and thickness.  The LTU-904 has also been effective to treat:

Slow healing wounds
Fibrous lesions
Sprains and strains
Muscle spasm

In addition, this laser can be used in conjunction with MLD, chiropractic therapy and over implants including pacemakers, breast implants and orthopaedic implants.